What to wear in Spring/Summer 2020

As we prepare for our next Optical trade show to New York city we want to share with you the latest color trends for Spring/Summer 2020

As you enter some of your favorite stores you will see these colors appear more and more- from your wardrobe, shoes, accessories and of course- Eyewear.

Fall/Winter trends 2019

5 Eyewear Trends for 2019
We have seen lots of repeat trends in 2019. Fashion trends from the 50's to the 90's are all coming back!
Here are 5 most popular Eyewear trends to get you through the Fall and Winter and into 2020, looking your best!

Why we choose to go Independent...and you should too!

What does Independent Eyewear even mean?

How is our Eyewear different from the ones at the mall or big box places?

Continue reading to find out why we choose the "brands" we carry and what makes them so special.

INVISION Magazine story on OPTIK!

In 2018 we were named one of America's Finest Optical Establishments by industry magazine INVISION. We feel so honored and thankful for this! The February Edition of Invision Magazine 2019 also just released a beautifully written article about our story as entrepreneurs and owners of OPTIK!

We hope you enjoy reading this story as much as we did!

INVISION MAG Story Feb 2019 OPTIK! European Eyewear

2 years of OPTIK!

Two years ago today we opened our doors to OPTIK! European Eyewear. Looking back at those two years, a lot has happened in our boutique. A lot of changes and a lot of growth. We have learned many things about our clients, our products, our marketing strategies and all the things that we thought might work but did not. We look at all the changes as positive experiences because it allows us to adjust and grow even bigger as a company. In this short time, we have received awards and many positive reviews from our clients, which we cannot be more thankful for.

Take a look back at our last two years of this wonderful dream come true!

Featured Podcast with "Kickin' it with Kapok"

In July 2018 we were asked by a local marketing agency if the owner of OPTIK! would come on as a guest speaker. We were thrilled to have this opportunity to share our experience, thoughts and ideas.

Episode 6 topic: "Starting a new Retail Business in St. Pete with Anja Jakupovic"


Listen now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher or

Eyewear accessory for the fashion trendsetter

Any Di has just released the new Spring/Summer edition! Suncover cases by German designer Any Di are the hottest eyewear accessory on the market. It is slim and stylish, practical and colorful. You can choose from a large variety of color options, whether you want to go classic or bold, there is something available for everyone.

The Suncover can be worn in many different ways and is truly the trendiest way to carry your sunglasses.

Lets dive into this special Suncover and how it can add to your fashion pieces.



Trendsetters are going back to the '70s

Remember when chunky, black plastic frames were the go to frame for nearly all age groups? This trend stayed around for nearly 5 years but has slowly lost its popularity among trendsetters. We are now witnessing a '70s inspired retro look which is still oversized in some cases, but no longer thick and bold. These thin metals are easy to wear with any outfit, super comfortable, delicate and durable and look very flattering.

Profilo Premium Sunglass Clip-ons

Profilo offers a perfect match,custom clip for every pair of eyeglasses. Whether you are in need for a mirrored lens for your sports actives, a yellow lens to enhance your night vision while driving, or simply a polarized lens for your every day sun protection, every style and every need can now be accommodated. OPTIK! now offers these perfectly matched clips for your eyeglasses.

Spring/Summer 2018 Sunglasses Trends

The first day of spring is only days away and the sun has been shining non-stop. Before we know it, our Florida summer heat will hit us full speed. During those months it is even more critical to wear your shades. The intensity of sunlight is brighter and we are more likely to be exposed to sun damage. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, but equality important are quality sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

How to accessorize your new OPTIK! Eyewear

What is the first thing you do after your buy a new cellphone?

Most of us accessorize our cellphones because we want them looking pretty and keep them from breaking. There are thousands of accessories out there, from screen protectors, the classic cell phone cases and now the cellphone ring that makes it easy for you to hold your phone without falling out of your hand.

When it comes to Eyewear, most of us don’t think about accessorizing our very important investment.

We will introduce you to several cool Eyewear accessories that can change the way you take care of your glasses and keep them protected and safe until your next visit to the eye doctor.