Trendsetters are going back to the '70s

Remember when chunky, black plastic frames were the go to frame for nearly all age groups? This trend stayed around for nearly 5 years but has slowly lost its popularity among trendsetters. We are now witnessing a '70s inspired retro look which is still oversized in some cases, but no longer thick and bold. These thin metals are easy to wear with any outfit, super comfortable, delicate and durable and look very flattering.

Etnia Barcelona- Le Marais 



We mostly know Aviators for the classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Now we are wearing Aviators of highest quality materials as eyeglasses. The double bridge look is often seen on old TV shows from the '70s and '80s that we now watch on Netflix and this has definitely influenced some of the 2017/2018 fashion trends.

FHone- South West in Black. Sunglasses have acetate ring around them. Made from Japanese Titanium. Designed in Munich, Germany. $525

Combination Frames

Combination Frames are typically made up of two different materials- a metal or titanium and acetate/plastic. These frames offer a nice touch of color without looking too heavy on the face. Colors are still a huge factor when choosing eyewear. We suggest adding a pop of color to your face, which help highlight the brows and cheekbones nicely.


Etnia Barcelona- Hong Kong in Red/Gunmetal. Also available in Clear. Metal frame with Acetate ring. Made in Barcelona, Spain. $285  


Embrace a vintage look with a thin square shape. This FHone frame comes with or without the plastic insert for a even thinner appearance. Although we always recommend polarized sunglasses for the best sun protection, sunglasses with light color tints are usually the go to look for your "fashion" pair.

FHone North West in Rose Gold/Grey. Also available without the acetate ring insert as eyeglasses. Japanese Titanium and Italian Acetate. Designed in Munich, Germany. $525


Etnia Barcelona- #BeAnartist Series 3 campaign

ANARTISM is an attitude, a point of view, a certain way to see and understand the world. It has no beginning nor end. It’s not a temporary state. That’s why BE ANARTIST by Etnia Barcelona is a living campaign that will evolve beyond this lookbook, with more pictures and more content.


Sneak Peak of what is coming to OPTIK! in June 2018


Etnia Barcelona-Carytown. $249

Etnia Barcelona-Midtown. $249


Etnia Barcelona-Bywater. $249


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