Profilo Premium Sunglass Clip-ons

Profilo offers a perfect match,custom clip for every pair of eyeglasses. Whether you are in need for a mirrored lens for your sports activities, a yellow lens to enhance your night vision while driving, or simply a polarized lens for your every day sun protection, every style and every need can now be accommodated. 

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What style clips are available?

Profilo offers 4 different styles 

Regular Nasal attachment - the most popular clip by Profilo.

Our optician will make the best recommendation, depending on your frame style.

Clips on the bottom and nasal

How do I choose the right lens color?

At OPTIK! we will help you select the best color for your needs and the perfect match for your frames. A large variety of lens colors are available, such as  Graphite Green, Amber, Grey, a variety of mirrored lenses, gradient lenses, polarized and many more. All clips will also come with a premium back-side anti glare coating to keep out as much light as possible and 400 UV protection.

Are there frame limitations for profilo clip-ons?

We can custom make sun clips for any frame. You can choose to bring in your existing frame or add a clip to your new OPTIK! Eyewear.

Are clips better than prescription sunglasses?

Although we do not believe that clips will substitute your prescription sunglasses, it is a great addition to your new eyeglasses for multiple reasons. Custom clips are lightweight and easy to wear. It also makes a convenient way not to carry multiple pairs of glasses while you are out from dusk to dawn.

How long does it take to get a custom clip made?

It is important to know that the lab will need your frames while custom making your new clips. Make sure you have a pair of back-up glasses while your new ones are being made. The turnaround time is roughly 7 days, as the clips are made in Canada.

Will the clip damage the frame?

The clips use an advanced extrusion technique and do not require a clasp that could damage your frame or lenses.

What makes Profilo so special?

The custom profilo clips are 30% thinner, lighter and stronger than other brands. All clips are made from high quality stainless steel and Monel. The frame color of the clip is perfectly matched to the eyeglasses or can be customized with any color requested to enhance the look of the glasses. Up to two different colors can be combined to accommodate a multi colored frame. The result of these clips is a refined and durable style which aesthetically match your eyewear perfectly.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Profilo clips are made.

See you soon at OPTIK!

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  • Jun 20, 2019

    I would like to order a pair of clip ons for my Persol 714 preferably prescription shades if possible

    — Lonnie Davis

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