Spring/Summer 2018 Sunglasses Trends

The first day of Spring is only days away and the sun has been shining non-stop. Before we know it, our Florida summer heat will hit us full speed. During those months it is even more critical to wear your shades. The intensity of sunlight is brighter and we are more likely to be exposed to sun damage. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, but equality important are quality sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

The trends in shape, size and color are constantly changing…although some classic styles are timeless. We have done extensive research in many different European Fashion magazines and have gathered

the top 5 Spring/Summer 2018 Trends in Sunglasses


1. Extreme Cat Eye/ Large Cat Eye

Women's sunglasses by: Tom Ford- 'Nika'  $415  Available in additional colors


Women's sunglasses by: Etnia Barcelona-'Amelia' $265


2. Multi-Colored/Printed

Unisex Sunglasses by: Etnia Barcelona- 'Avinyo' $265   Available in additional colors     

Unisex Glasses with Sun clips by: Fhone-'Pico' $450  Available in additional colors

3. Small Round

Unisex Sunglasses by: Etnia Barcelona- 'Lapa' $275  Available in additional colors

Women's Sunglasses by: Etnia Barcelona-'Miramar' $255  Available in additional colors


4. Double Bridge

Men's Sunglasses by: Etnia Barcelona-'Mitte' $255  Available in additional colors


Unisex Sunglasses by: Etnia Barcelona-'Hampstead' $265  Available in additional colors


5.Transparent Frames

 Unisex Sunglasses by: Oliver Peoples-'Gregory Peck' $365.00  Available in additional colors

Unisex sunglasses by: Oliver Peoples-'Fairmont' $365   Available in additional colors


To take it a step further, even specific “lens colors” have become a trend. There will always be the standard grey and brown color but there are so many other things that you can do with your lenses. Ask your optician at OPTIK! to recommend a lens color combination to match the frames and the look you are trying to get. You will be surprised how many combinations of colors we can put together.

  1. Mirrored lenses
  2. Pink lenses


See you soon at OPTIK!

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