How to accessorize your new OPTIK! Eyewear

What is the first thing you do after your buy a new cellphone?

Most of us accessorize our cellphones because we want them looking pretty and keep them from breaking. There are thousands of accessories out there, from screen protectors, the classic cell phone cases and now the  pop cellphone ring holder.

When it comes to Eyewear, most of us don’t think about accessorizing our very important investment.

We will introduce you to several cool Eyewear accessories that can change the way you take care of your glasses and keep them protected and safe until your next visit to the eye doctor.




Starting with the basics:

Lens cleaner and soft microfiber cloth. How many of you actually own a lens cloth and lens cleaner? How often do you clean your glasses a day?

You should clean your Eyewear atleast once to twice a day. Make it a habit to clean your glasses first thing in the morning before putting them on.

This is important because it cleans off all the dust particles that are floating around every day, cleans off your make up or hairspray that might be stuck to the lenses and keeps them scratch free and CLEAN.

Side note: If your nosepads are no longer CLEAR, bring them in to OPTIK! for a complimentary pair of nosepad replacement!

2oz OPTIK! purity lens cleaner $4 Available in Pink or Blue. Complimentary OPTIK! microfiber cloth with each purchase!


For the ladies:

We recently introduced a cool new product from Munich, Germany.  Cow Leather suncovers for your specs or sunnies by Any Di.  This patented design is currently exclusive to OPTIK!

Instead of throwing your sunglasses or eyeglasses into your handbag you can now simply clip your suncover to your handbag and off you go!









The Pirate Cat made from Cow leather $105



For the Gentlemen:

Valrose from Saint-Didier in the south of France at the foot of the " Mont Ventoux", has created accessories to dress your glasses since 1993.

We now offer Valrose shoulder cases for men. This cool accessory is worn across the shoulder and can hold your sunglasses or eyeglasses. Made out of a felt material, it will not only hold your glasses but also keep them clean and protect them from scratches.

Etuis bandoulière $60
Available in Black, Blue and Dark Green. 


 Eyewear Loop Pendants:

All items by Valrose are handmade with love. One of the most popular Eyewear accessories in the optical industry are Eyewear loops that are worn as a necklace but also serve the purpose of holding your glasses.

This fun piece is made out of a triangle shaped acetate and a big silver ring to hold your glasses.


Acetate Pendant $120






You can now accessorize your home with beautiful accent pieces for your home.  The oyobox minis and maxis are here!

Mini- Holds 4 pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses
Maxi- Holds 8 pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses


Now that you know know more about accessorizing your new Eyewear, we can't wait to help you select the right accessory for you!

See you at OPTIK!

300 Beach Drive NE Suite 115 

Shops at Parkshore- Plaza Downtown St. Pete



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