The 5 types of eyewear you should have in your wardrobe

Take a look at your current wardrobe: How many jackets, dresses or different shades of denim jeans do you have? How many pairs of shoes sit in your shoe closet?

When it comes to Eyewear: It is the very first thing that people will see on your face. It is what can make you stand out from the crowd and what mirrors your personality and style.

On average, people that wear eyeglasses own about two pair. A pair of eyeglasses and maybe a pair of sunglasses or a old pair of back up glasses (it is always a good idea to keep one old pair as a back-up).

Lets walk you through why one pair does not cover all your daily eyewear needs and your waredrobe needs.


Pair 1: The every-day pair:

This pair usually covers most (but not all!) of your visual needs, whether it is a single vision prescription or a progressive lens pair. It the pair that you can wear with most everything, usually covered in a neutral color tone to compliment your hair color, skin tone and face shape & size (frame shape & size will be covered in detail in our next blog).

Some of our current favorite styles:

FHone- North:

Etnia Barcelona Vintage- Born:


Pair 2: The fun pair:

This pair is colorful, fun , out of the box  and  might not be worn on a daily basis. It can be dressy or playful, but it is the pair that you can comfortably wear outside of work. It is the pair that people will stop you on the street for to admire your sense of style. It is our specialty to carry fun, unique eyewear that is not worn by every other person. It is our goal to fit you with the pair that will have people turn heads.

Some of our current favorite styles:

OPTIK! by Wissing: Single piece item, handmade in Germany.

Dutz 629: Available in two additional colors.

Pair 3: The Occupational pair:

This pair covers your visual needs when you are focusing on a single thing for more then 5 hours a day.  It eliminated eye strain and keeps you safe. The occupational pair can be a pair of single vision reading glasses, computer glasses or safety glasses.

Some of our current favorite styles:

FHone-London: Acetate material, the perfect in-between frame size for a pair of computer glasses.

Dutz-614: Half-eye- German Stainless Steel, the perfect pair for any reading prescription.


Pair 4: The sun pair:

This pair will protect your eyes from the sun and make you look stylish at the same time. If you are wearing prescription every-day eyeglasses and do not have a pair of prescription sunglasses, you are missing out! Most people will end up wearing their prescription sunglasses more then their clear pair once they experience the feeling of prescription sunglasses. Due to this, this pair can be a little bigger, a little more dressy so you can wear them with all every-day outfits.

Tom Ford- Nika: Vintage cat-eye look

Oliver Peoples- Spelman: Round with mirrored lenses

Pair 5: The outdoor-activity sun pair:

This pair is a separate pair of sunglasses that is only used during biking, hiking,fishing, golfing, boating or any other outdoor sports activity that you might do. This sun pair is different from your regular sun pair because it can be more curved and will have a tighter more sportier fit around the head to stay up during any activity. This pair can also be customized to fit any lens color to compliment the specific environment you might be in.

FHone-South: Titanium, lightweight sporty style with ultra thin temples and titanium nosepads.

Tom Ford- Mason: Sporty shape, rubber matte finish material with a slight curve and a thicker temple piece for best sun coverage.


Check out our entire collection:





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