How "plastic" frames are made

We mention the word "acetate" a lot in our store and forget that most people don't really understand that term, or think of it as a fancy name for "plastic". We want to help you understand why eyewear can be so expensive and what exactly it is that you are paying for. Craftsmanship...


Acetate is not just plastic, in fact, cellulose acetate is made out of cellulose powder, which is a extract of cotton. It allows for easy adjustments and flexibility and it can absorb any color and create any pattern. The process of creating the color in your frames is very interesting-  Organic powders are placed directly on the raw acetate and poured over with acetone. The material is then mixed together.  Due to the nature of this process, no acetate frame will ever come out exactly the same. This is a true handmade process.


In our collection our frames are either made out of titanium, stainless less or Mazzucchelli acetate. Mazzucchelli focuses on craftsmanship and pure quality. The company started in a small factory in Italy in 1849, making combs and buttons from animal horn, bone and tortoiseshell . They quickly became an international company.

Currently Mazzucchelli is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing cellulose acetate for spectacles and sunglass frames. Independent eyewear companies focus on providing the highest quality in eyewear materials and choose Mazzucchelli for their "plastic" material option. It allows them to get creative with patterns and vibrant color options. It also allows them to create frames that are different from the ordinary drug store or big box stores.

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