Fall/Winter trends 2019

5 Eyewear Trends for 2019
We have seen lots of repeat trends in 2019. Fashion trends from the 50's to the 90's are all coming back!
Here are 5 most popular Eyewear trends to get you through the Fall and Winter and into 2020, looking your best!
Trend #1: Geometric Shapes
Shapes that are not just round, square or rectangular but unique shapes that cannot be found anywhere and everywhere.
Model wearing: Lafont- Chut
Trend #2: Shapes in Shapes
Small round lenses inside of a aviator shape frame.
Model wearing: Mykita-Siru
Trend #3: Cat Eye Shapes
Cat eye shapes in both sunglasses and eyeglasses
Model wearing: FHone-Kit Kat
Trend #4: Classic Shapes/ Vintage Revival
Round shapes that are timeless
Model wearing: Mykita-Otti
Trend #5: Athletic Styles
Athletic sunglasses with wrap styles and mirrored lenses
Model wearing: Vuarnet- Ice

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