Why we choose to go Independent...and you should too!

We believe that Eyewear is a piece of art for your face. We also believe that you should express your individuality in what you wear. This is why we choose to go independent with the Eyewear that we carry.

The optical industry has thousands of designer brands. Most of the mainstream ones that people are familiar with can be found at the mall or at a big box store. Don't be tricked into thinking that you are getting a "x" brand designed by the designer house themselves...that is unfortunately not the case in the optical industry. It is simply a larger company that bought out the licenses to be able to label different "high end brands" onto their cookie cutter frames. All frames being made in the same facility, made from the same plastic and metal material.

What makes a Eyewear brand "Independent"?

Independent means craftsmanship. Independent means quality. Independent means it was thoroughly designed by an artist and not a machine. Independent means it started with someones hand sketched work. Independent means being different from all the others.

Our designers become our friends. They visit our stores and tell us their story about how they decided to design a certain frame, or why they gave it a certain "name".

Meet Stefan. He is is the designer and creator of our German, Munich line FHone.

His collection is entirely made up of Japanese Titanium and Italian Acetates, and a combination of the two. He puts time and effort into his designs and chooses colors that you cannot find anywhere else. He gives his frames names that are of people he has come across in his life and has a story to tell for each one of them.

<Check out the entire FHone collection>


Meet Martin.

In 2018, we traveled to Paris for one of the biggest optical trade shows in the world. There we got to meet the designer of our newest edition to the store "Mykita"

Mykita- a Berlin based company, started its first premises in a former child daycare center. The name My-Kita comes from the German "kita" meaning Kindergarden. Mykita produces all its frames in-house and even created their own tools and processes to meet the design requirements.

Entirely constructed from Stainless steel, this completely screw-less frame design is super light weight and sleek. We fell in love with Mykita and traveled all the way to Paris to meet the designers and hear their stories first hand.

We choose Independent because we believe that quality Eyewear and the uniqueness in its design is so much more important than a label.

Most importantly, when you choose Independent, you are supporting another small business that is providing you with the best possible quality in Eyewear that you can possibly get.


We want you to LOVE your glasses.



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