Why you should Support Independent Eyewear

Over the years many things have changed in the optical industry. One of the biggest things is the revolution in independent eyewear.

We have decided to share with you why this topic is so important to us and help you gain a better understanding and appreciation for true quality eyewear.


So what does INDEPENDENT really mean?

The indie design movement is made up of independent designers, artists and craftspeople who hand-make beautiful eyewear with love and pure quality. Independent means you are not giving your money to big corporations but a small business. Designers have the freedom to create frames and source materials using only the best suppliers. Independent eyewear is not mass produced, but handcrafted. It is also only sold to independent optical shops and cannot be found inside of any big box shops. Small independent eyewear designers decided to create quality eyewear without a flashy name taking up half of the temple pieces. High quality Mazzucchelli acetate, titanium, recycled materials, screw-less designs are just a few specialties that Independent designers look for.

 Our goal is to carry 100% independent eyewear in the year 2018!

Why BIG brand name Frames are not what they are made out to be...

Many people assume that if glasses have a big name brand stamped on the side of their temple, it must be a good quality and well worth paying hundreds of dollars for. Did you know that popular name brand frames such as Tiffany and Co. are not actually made by Tiffany?  Think of most of the big brand name eyewear that you are familar with and chances are they are all made by the same company, use the same fabrication process, materials and are mass produced in the same factory. The only difference: The big stamp on the side of the glasses, and the huge price tag to go with it!


Some of our favorite Independent Eyewear

Etnia Barcelona- Mission District with Sun Clip

Check out the entire collection  >>>

Made in Barcelona, Spain- Etnia is known for their eyewear to be designed based on art and photography. Etnia uses Photochromic and Polarized Glass mineral lenses for all their sunglasses.


OPTIK! - WISSING Brillenfassungen hat stets etwas Besonderes!

Custom hand made in Bensheim, Germany- OPTIK! by Wissing is bright, colorful and wild. Anything but ordinary. Each frame takes roughly 3-4 months to be custom designed for us.


Dutz Eyewear- Handmade in the Netherlands

Check out the entire collection  >>>>

Unlike anything else we carry, Dutz is light weight, fun and 100% hypoallergenic. It is made from German stainless steel and Mazzucchelli acetate from Italy.


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